The 3 Best Topwater Fishing Lures That Give You The Best Catch Advantage

The 3 Best Topwater Fishing Lures That Give You The Best Catch Advantage

Posted by William Vanacore on Mar 5th 2017

Fishing becomes fun when done with topwater fishing lures. That is because it lets you see your lure in action and also lets you see the fish come and explode on it. There are a variety of lures that are designed to ride on the surface of water or just beneath it. These lures are painted with a realistic finish and built in 100% vibration working as a FISH CALL

Here are the 3 best topwater fishing lures to find the best catch advantge:

1) Minnows: Jointed or straight are designed to resemble real minnows, these vibrating electronic lures for fishing often have a brilliant chrome foil finish. These are meant for topwater as deep as three inches. There are battery powered models that are available in Gold and Firetiger patterns too.

2) Top Water Poppers: These come in both Sexy Shad and Firetiger colors with black nickel hooks and a rear feathered hook. There is built-in vibration and some are also available in a weedless design which means that you can throw them into grass, pads and tree tops.

3) Weedless Shimmy Shad: You can fish these top water fishing lures retrieved over pads and grass. They also have a hard body and screw-on soft tails that make them extremely flexible and attractive to the fish that you’re trying to catch. They sink low and are ideal for fishing at any depth you want. You can use a variety tail lengths for amazing results.

So, go ahead and pick any one of these from our website to make your fishing experience more enthralling and interesting. Just work them slower than most to allow the enticing electronic vibration to force the fish to react. Big fish want to kill it when it invades their space and is driving their nerves crazy. (lateral line )

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