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Aluminum Trolling Motor Bracket will hold up to 3 lights or two lights and a underwater camera. Easily mounts in seconds with a stainless steel u-bolt onto the shaft at the motor and lights up everything you could possibly want to see. It comes with a 1" stainless steel 1/4" bolt nut and rubber washer with instructions for securing your camera. Walmart sells some really good cameras from $30 to $60 that will record 7 hours or more and do a great job, check em out. This bracket also comes with a stainless steel u bolt that only takes seconds to attach or remove your lights so it is easy and quick. With instructions it's a no brainer. Always use Millennial LED's UNDERWATER, ALWAYS they get HOT.

Will also attach to 3/4" PVC Tubing.


FREE SHIPPING when ordered with lights !